Enterprise Grade ID Hardware


Enterprise Grade ID Hardware


by 5280designco

About Us

We are a group of people with several years of IT experience that came together to sell high quality refurbished, enterprise grade IT hardware with only one type of customer:

  1. The “Extremely Pleased and Will Do Business” again customer.

Solature is one IT hardware company that strives to make sure that we enable our customers to be excellent stewards of their hardware spend.  We have had extreme success serving and retaining customers from the Fortune 500 all the way down to the small business owner.

How do we help IT departments steward their IT dollars?  It’s a very simple philosophy that hinges on us doing 3 things with precision:

  1. Purchasing Equipment
  2. Through Extensive Testing and Refurbishing Processes in our Atlanta based facility
  3. Providing you with the best possible price

When the term “refurbished hardware” is mentioned different people think different things, and we believe it’s important to clarify what we mean by “refurbished hardware.”  For starters, we do not mean gray market equipment.  “Gray Market” is a term that refers to the sale of OEM equipment through unauthorized, unapproved, or unintended channels.  The gray market capitalizes on regional pricing disparities and requires an OEM authorized distributor to sell equipment in a manner that was not intended by the OEM.  It usually involves importing new equipment from overseas that was intended by the OEM to only be sold in the country of export.  We do not deal in gray market equipment.

Our equipment comes from companies just like yours with these four basic scenarios:

  1. Off Lease Equipment
  2. Acquisitions (Hardware from the acquired company is liquidated)
  3. Trade-In/Trade-Up
  4. Projects cancelled midway through the process

Some of our equipment is refurbished and some of it was never put into production.  We stock the latest and greatest for those who need it as well as the older gear for our customers who keep equipment in production longer.

Over the years, we have found that our equipment is a great fit in five areas:

  1. Production Environments
  2. Disaster Recovery Facilities
  3. Hot Spares
  4. Short-term Rentals
  5. Emergency Lead Time Moments